Attractive Men Are Egotistical And Selfish Shows Study – How about Beautiful Women?

Science has proven what you had felt about gorgeous men all along – they are egotistical and selfish.

According to a new study published in Evolutionary Psychology, super-hot guys are more inclined to be selfish, self-absorbed, and prone to believe in gender inequality. Bodily attractiveness and egalitarianism is negatively related, says the study.

Attractive men are more inclined towards selfishness and inequality. There is an ancestral explanation for this phenomenon, stated the study,

“In human ancestral environments, physically attractive and/or formidable individuals would have had an enhanced ability to benefit and/or harm others, and thus would have had increased bargaining power in social interactions.”

In simpler terms, those who were considered attractive tended to have a higher authoritative standing in the society. These attractive males could easily inflict physical and emotional harm to their adversary without worrying much about the repercussions. In fact, the study suggests gorgeous men had lesser retaliation in the first place, which allowed them to consider themselves superior.

The naturally-bestowed traits, such as fitness and developmental stability, are thought to have given attractive males a certain predisposition to win social competitions, thereby benefitting from any advanced status or resources that followed. This unequal balance would swing in favor of society’s lookers, meaning that they would value social norms, promoting inequality as it would serve them best, while average looking males would find that promoting equality was the most advantageous.

Interestingly, the study only answers why, historically, attractive men were egotistical and selfish. As for your personal experience, which indicates that majority of the modern-day good looking guys tend to be egocentric and elitist, the research is still inconclusive.

“Unfortunately, more research will be needed to answer that question,” said the study’s lead psychologist, Dr. Michael Price,

“People who are more attractive have to do less … to make themselves valuable to other people [because] they’re already highly valued by virtue of their high attractiveness.”

‘Raters’ were shown body models of men and women to draw the conclusions.

The actual research took place at London’s Brunel University, where researchers scanned the bodies of 63 male and 62 female participants to measure various predictors for attractiveness, including hip-to-waist ratio for women and waist-to-chest ratio for men. They also surveyed participants and measured their responses to questions regarding wealth and (social and political) egalitarianism.

While these assessments were valid for the men in the study, a perhaps extraordinary development was observed among the women involved, who were found to be no more selfish than average-lookers. In other words, attractiveness of the women had no effect on their behavior, or, “hotties” weren’t any more selfish than their more average looking counterparts.

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