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What is CB Passive Income?

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When you initially begin on the road of internet marketing, you are likely to be unclear of just what specific niche to get involved in and just what products to promote. Typically, your friends who are senior online marketers will recommend ClickBank.

ClickBank is a product market for mostly electronic products like software program as well as eBooks, where you can choose from a considerably large number of products to promote.

As these are electronic products, the expenses are generally not high, meanings that the makers of these products can provide a considerably bigger commission when it pertains to the member compensations, on average around 20-50%, even 75% of the listed price.

Clickbank has had a history of permitting poor items on its list, though that mantle seems to have been taken over now by the similarity ClickSure.

The good thing is recently ClickBank has improved and all products are evaluated carefully before they can go on the market. It means the base of products of Clickbank is now at a high quality standard.

The product I am evaluating today takes advantage of ClickBank. It is called CB Passive Income and also it is a list building system that provides a way for you to produce cash from ClickBank products.

Another Push Button System?

The system is specifically targeted at web marketing newbies which fears me, because I do not think that this system will actually teach you anything. Take a sample of his sales pitch:

CB Passive Income Reviews

This is marketing a pipe-dream. It is basically claiming you could make money for doing basically nothing, and that merely isn’t real.

The premise of the system is a basic and also well known advertising ploy: develop an e-mail collecting web site that installs something totally free in return for an e-mail address; send out that individual e-mails with information and product promos; earn compensations.

That is a tried and tested method of making money online, I have no doubt regarding that. My concerns for this system come from the fact that the newbie will not be instructed or discover the ins and outs of exactly how a subscriber list works as well as they won’t have to encounter the understanding and growing experience of attempting and failing. Patric Chan, the creator of CB Passive Earnings will certainly do it all for you.

This will certainly cause one major downfall: your income is in another person’s hands!

  • You have no control over what the internet site appears like, exactly what it markets, or just what the emails consist of.
  • You will additionally have no precise stats on what emails did well, the number of products marketed etc and so on
  • You will follow Mr. Chan for your own destiny. What if he makes a decision that today is the day, disconnects his computer system as well as goes to live in Panama?

Push button systems sound marvelous, and also speak to our internal negligence (they do to mine at all times!), however in truth you try not to learn from them and you definitely will not make a lasting company from them.

A Straightforward Job

Naturally if you did decide to buy the item, there is “one easy activity” you need to do, which is to promote the landing page to the internet site to get folks to hand over their e-mail address in the first place.


Lead generation, as this is practically called, is no easy task, especially for a newbie. Actually, I would claim it is probably the biggest stumbling block for any kind of on-line entrepreneur.

For that reason, while it is terrific that the only point you have to perform in this system is produce website traffic, it is commonly the hardest point to do, especially when there is little reward for the individual. Would certainly you just hand out your email address quickly?

Maybe I’m negative nowadays, yet I often intend to rely on the internet site first prior to doing so, meanings that I need content as well as great deals of it, to verify to me he or she well-knowns exactly what they are talking about.


Because of the fact that the majority of newbies will certainly be lost at sea when it comes to discovering website traffic (after they have touched out the family and friends resources), it is certainly apparent that Patric has added some convenient upsells to his product.


This is really a clever means of getting you via his proverbial door, as many newbies will certainly need that training to even start creating money so will certainly more likely sign up to his membership system.

The Pro Version

You could pay Patric some more cash and get accessibility to the leads created by the system. Simply puts, you can begin to take command far from Patric and right into your own hands.

The Membership Area

The training is given by videos, and has a good amount of knowledge. Content-wise, it does surprise me and is very good to be fair. My friend’s 10 year-old daughter followed the guidances and cash started to come to her mother’s bank. Well I told myself, sometime just to follow the instruction is better than questioning it.

It is an ideal practical training resources  for newbies all done in one place.

On The Other hand

I am naturally cautious and also conventional regarding the following big point “automation marketing” from Patric.

That being said, I could see some effectiveness in this item from a beginner standpoint. Internet marketing is a multi-skill venture; you have to discover various different things to different degrees in order to succeed, such as copywriting, web site production, etc

Is CB Passive Income Worth it?

The product is absolutely different compared to the majority of other money generation systems out there.

For those who has no experiences with online marketing, this is a good comprehensive one-stop-for-all solution. With $47/month to generate a new source of passive income, I wouldn’t identify it a rip-off.

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