Epic Soccer Training Review – Is it a SCAM or LEGIT?

What is the Epic Soccer Training? – Our Epic Soccer Training Review

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Epic Soccer Training is an approach created by former Adidas All American Player Matt Smith. This soccer training program is developed for amateur and even certified players to boost their ball skills and most importantly, without any partner assistance.

Epic Soccer Training content contains a PDF format workbook and 4 components (each components  has from 10 to 21 video clips). Unlike numerous other programs available that are targeted at giving coaches the information to teach a team of players the skills, this course is targeted at individuals that wish to improve their own skills outside the conventional team training environment.

This is a super important factor if you do plan on coaching yourself.

Various products around like Coerver coaching DVD programs are difficult to follow unless you have a team setup, because the course and drills have been designed around a team training environment.

When I assess the skills based video clips of the Epic Soccer Training program, it is worth noting  90% of  drills and skill exercises can be carried out with no partner assistance.

From my experiences, it is very useful to take park in a training program in your own time and forget the pain of trying to find a partner with a suitable timescale and also reliable.

Epic Soccer Training Review

Epic Soccer Training Review


My First Thought – Epic Soccer Training Review

To be honest when I had first presented with the sales page of this product I was skeptical, especially when I came to this part of the video: “I was just like you until I learnt this new miracle training technique”.  Sounds to me like a marketing gimmick and frankly, there are tons of products like this out there, and they are from popular soccer coaches and players, from Brazil, Germany, England…

However, I gave credits to this Matt Smith, author of this product, to create a very long sales page and a super long video. Well, maybe he is really passionate about this product.

I decided to give it a try!

Un-boxing Epic Soccer Training

Epic Soccer Training Review

Epic Soccer Training Review

After I have gone through the sales procedure I received an email with my user name and email, and a link to my course page named “MY PRODUCTS”.

When logged in, I was greeted with a main menu page that has the course I purchased “Epic soccer training course”, and a few Matt’s other courses (Epic Soccer 1000 Club, Epic speed training and a few others).

Then I clicked on the “Epic soccer training” access button, I went to a page giving me the options of; Workbook & Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4.

I started to get excited!

Epic Soccer Training Review

Epic Soccer Training Review


With the Workbook, for convenient training purposes, I downloaded and printed them all, so that I don’t have to stick around my computer when I do all the exercises.

At 77 pages, it is an in-depth and very insight workbook and . I would recommend you print a hard copy and carry it with you to train any time you have free time.





Come to module 1 video clips, this has 19 individual topics. These clips are between 1 minute 14Videos-300x175seconds and 12 minutes 14 seconds.

All clips are aided by a paragraph of text below the video when it is opened. Although each clip is not long, module one video clips has a duration of 1 hour 3 minutes, which is a considerable amount of video demonstration.   Modules 2, 3, and 4 follow the same structure as module 1 with module total
times as follows;

  • Module 1 – 1hour 3Mins
  • Module 2 – 1hour 19Mins
  • Module 3 – 1hour 50Mins
  • Module 4 – 26Mins

The difficulty increased gradually from module 1 to module 4 but also achievable.

With a total time of 4Hours 40Mins, there is a mix of demonstrations/lessons and a few “classroom” sessions, which gave me a good vibe to follow.  The instruction is clear and easy to understand, the videos are well setup with all action on-screen.

My Other Thoughts – Epic Soccer Training Review

I have seen a lot of soccer training videos where a senior coach explain the technique, but is demonstrated by an amateur player. With this product, all videos, and techniques were done by Matt. This is extremely helpful for learning complicated moves like feints where a subtle change in body structure could make a difference.

Also for beginners, the workbook contains a training program setting out to help people get started. This includes demonstration video clips.

Pros and Cons – Epic Soccer Training Review


  • A completed course for self-training
  • All skills are demonstrated by a pro soccer player
  • Quality of Video/audio
  • 100% money back guarantee


  • Video clips cannot be downloaded onto computer, must be watched online
  • Not suited for a team environment

My Conclusion From The Epic Soccer Training Review

Epic Soccer Training program is simply a training product, without any “secrets”, you follow the instructions, try a little harder and see improvements everyday.

What Epic Soccer Training program does, is to provide a great motivational platform with super easy-to-follow guidances, even for dummies.

Compared to all other products out there, Epic Soccer Training is the best available, completed and powerful course for soccer self-training.

Try Epic Soccer Training program here!

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