How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?

How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?

How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?

How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?

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TEXT YOUR EX BACK (TXB) – “How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them” is a program put together by relationship expert Michael Fiore. This programe proposed a fundamental method to win back your ex even after he broke up on you. Michael Fiore claimed that it doesn’t matter how much he hurt you, doesn’t matter how cruel he was when he left you, doesn’t matter if he even has a new girl friend already. After applying his method, your boyfriend will run after you like a boy runs to his mama for love and care.

The course comes with 11 modules. I have had a closely look at all of the modules given and to give it an exact assessment, I have had 100 women clients of mine tried this methods. That way I am about to give you a very honest review of this product.


Text Your Ex Back Review – Course Structure

There is a “login” or member area, where you have access to the whole course. Starting with module 1, each module is unlocked every 2 days. You will finish the course in about 22 days.

How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?

How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?


Module 1: Introduction.

Michael set up some ground rules about the program. The important point is don’t try to get back to your ex just for your ego, or if he is an abusive husband/boyfriend.

Then Michael introduce you to a 30 days no contact rule.

When I first read it, it sounded ridiculous, but it actually worked (more on the results later)

Module 2:  Dumper and dumped

Get you to do a lot of research, dig deep in your past relationship to find out what works, what doesn’t, and the real reason you broke up.

And heck, do you know that human are not meant to be monogamous? It’s just something we made up as boundaries and we learnt to get use to it. Read this chapter for more information on this, and more knowledge about the psychology behind cheating and being cheated on.

Module 3: The big goal

Michael will give a very fundamental framework to figure out your big goal and the baby steps for how to win your ex back .

Module 4: Flight check

You know what “flight check” means :)! You have to get ready mentally and physically before actually jump in the battlefield again.

Module 5: Text Judo

Here is the table of phases and text type you will apply


Text Type

CONTACT your ex via text in the simplest way

Across the Bow Texts

TEST for areas of emotional resonance

Intimacy Booster Texts

VALIDATE your ex’s emotions (positive or negative)
CREATE incredible intimacy.

Emotional Honesty Texts

TRANSLATE those emotions into the feelings of warmness, closeness, and attraction that we’re trying to create.

Green Eyed Monster Texts Attraction Texts

CONNECT in real life

Seal the Deal texts


Module 6: Across the Bow

Alright, begin with the important stuff here.

There are two formulas presented for creating the first simple text to your ex boyfriend.

I have my 100 clients who wanted to get back with their exes try these both and here’s the result:

Across The Bow formula 1:  

  • Review: Get the ex to reply pretty fast, any where from 2 mins to 2 hours
  • Score: 4/5

Across The Bow formula 2:  

  • Review: Sweet but a bit lame, takes from 2 hours to 2 days for a response
  • Score: 2/5

Module 7: Prepping the Soil

In this module, you learn the Best of Relationship Texts. There are three techniques to create a meaningful text that could reminds your ex of how wonderful you were when you were still a couple.

  • Review: Old-schooled type of text. My clients enjoyed creating them and sending them, however it still take a while for the exes to response. And be careful of this text that you will reveal your emotion too much.
  • Score: 3/5

Module 8: Green Eyed Monster Texts

The aim is to make your ex jealous and think about you.

  • Review: Some good responses and a lot of bad responses from my clients’ result. Hmm, don’t think it’s a good idea.
  • Score: 1/5

Module 9: Planting the seeds.

In this module, you will learn how to use Intimacy Booster Texts. It’s a simple but quite effective text. To be honest, it maybe the best text you could send so far in the early stages.

  • Review: Got good responses from exes in timely manner.
  • Score: 4.5/5

Module 10: Reaping the harvest, watering the tree, virtual to physical

Attraction Texts is a very interesting technique that you could use after breaking the ice with your ex, and the relationship is heading to a good direction. This text will spice up your cold dry conversation with the ex.

  • Review: Exes enjoy receiving these kinds of messages. Curiosity wins :).
  • Score: 5/5

Emotional Honesty Texts, to be used at the very end of the reconcile stage, when you confirm the feeling for your boyfriend.

  • Review: Hmm, boring but necessary text.
  • Score: 3/5

First date: Now you have to come out of your shell, and really put yourself out there, face your boyfriend. Michael teaches you exactly what my clients did. They were doing great and so will you.

Module 11: Final, texting steady.

All the scenario and followup plans provided by Michael.

Text Your Ex Back Reviews – The community

Apart from the program itself, when you enroll in Text Your Ex Back, you will have access to the TXB 2.0 portal. This is where you could network with more than 10000 women who have been through this course. Their real life examination of each text. They even give the community the “version” of the text that worked really well for them.

So it’s a plus to hear so many real life story and the exes’ reaction in reality.

How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?

How To Get Someone Back After Cheating On Them | Does Text Your ex Back Work?

Text Your Ex Back Review – The result

For my 100 clients, it was a ride to go through all stages of emotion, following Michael’s guide.

  • 70% of them got back with their ex boyfriend
  • 95% were very happy about the result (regardless of winning him back or not).
  • 100% felt like they have a learn a skill for life to deal with breakup, and won’t suffer from it in the future.

Text Your Ex Back Review – Finally

As a psychiatrist, I really choose carefully before recommending any procedure to my clients. With Text Your Ex Back and with my assessment with a large sample of situation, I highly recommend this product if you want to win your ex back.

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Live happily,

JOSS the critic