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the tao of badass review

the tao of badass review

The Tao of Badass Review is put together by Joshua Pellicer. The author of this product is a world famous dating coach. The product includes seduction tips and techniques for men to get any woman.

The Author-Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer has made a name for himself in the dating area over the past four years, especially for men. From a simple tip, the product now becomes a company The Tao of Badass Inc.

Today, Joshua Pellicer appeared on numerous TV and Radio programs teaching and explaining his methodology about seduction. Some of the TV and Radio programs that we have seen him are:

– He has his own show on Sirius Radio with the topic of attracting women

– He spoke on The Today Show

– Interviewed by NY Daily News, The NY Times, The NY Press, The Associated Press, The Baltimore Sun

Techniques used in The Tao of Badass review by Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer applies a unique approach to dating and attracting women, summarized in his bestselling dating guide. Joshua Pellicer advocates the following ideas when approaching women

Part 1: Become an attractive man

The Tao of Badass Review introduces you to the term ‘badass’ to create a clear picture of what makes the ideal ladies man.

With this you’ll learn exactly what women are attracted to so that you can model yourself on becoming ‘that guy’ who gets all the women.

In the first chapter you’ll learn the interesting science behind male and female gender roles, and how vital it is to embrace your manhood.

This helps to highlight the importance of fulfilling your male gender role because if you don’t, you risk falling into the ‘nice guy’ category, or worse, being friend-zoned.

If you’ve experienced being friend-zoned before, this chapter is great for understanding what you did wrong so that you can avoid the traps to never get friend-zoned again.

The next chapter is dedicated to boosting your confidence levels. Women love men who are oozing with confidence. So Joshua teaches you some vital tips to become more confident around women.

He does this by revealing some brilliant self belief techniques to help raise your self esteem and ultimately become more attractive.

Part 2: The step-by-step system for picking up girls

The approach is the first step and also the scariest step to picking up a girl.

It was therefore good to see The Tao of Badass Review dedicate a whole chapter to help get your approach skills nailed.

Joshua focuses a lot of his attention on approach anxiety – the crippling fear preventing most guys from meeting the girl of their dreams.

He reveals some great techniques to re-wire your deep-rooted psychological behaviour and rid yourself of approach anxiety once and for all. It’s fascinating stuff.

You’ll learn how to use the correct body language to approach, and the best way to open a girl and not get rejected.

Once you know how to approach you’re ready to learn about the ‘map of interaction’ – The Tao of Badass Review’s step-by-step method for picking up girls.

The map of interaction is constructed of 4 phases:

1. Attraction

2. Rapport

3. Seduction

4. Relationship Balance

You’ll learn that ultimate success comes to those who are able to “see the matrix” which as Joshua puts it, is seeing which phase of the map of interaction you are in whilst you are in it.

Once you know what phase you are in, you’ll know how to successfully navigate your way to the next.

So how is each stage of the map of interaction discussed?


To build attraction Joshua explains how you need to utilize banter to make the conversation fun, playful and content free.

It was good to see tons of example banter lines are thrown in to compliment this how to advice.

You’ll also learn how important is is to demonstrate value to a girl and how you should NEVER try to sell yourself through bragging.

Loads of example qualifying questions are packed into the content to get her qualifying to you. These questions will help you instantly build attraction with a girl and get her chasing you!


In this part you’ll learn that through the cunning use of open-ended questions you can very quickly turn a boring conversation into a deep emotional roller coaster.

With this, you’ll discover a crafty technique to establish common interest AKA chemistry within the first few seconds of an interaction with a girl.

You’ll learn that building a strong level of rapport over the course of the interaction is vital if you ever want to see the girl again.

And once you start implementing Joshua’s rapport building techniques into your interactions, you’ll notice women won’t go cold when you text them the next day.


When it comes to picking up girls, this is the fun part! Joshua goes into great depth on this all important part to make sure you’re ready to go in for the kiss and not get rejected.

You gain a fascinating insight into the logical brain vs. the emotional brain theory and how women have what is called a ‘red zone’ enabling them to snap out of being seduced in a flash.

With that in mind, Joshua gives you some useful tips to avoid raising her red zone so that you can sexually escalate the seduction with zero chance of getting rejected.

Relationship Balance

Unlike any other pick up system, The Tao of Badass Review is unique in the way that it offers relationship advice.

If you’re looking to get a girlfriend or you’re someone who struggles to get any further than the dating zone, this section will be really useful to you.

You’ll discover the 4 major factors necessary to form a strong and successful relationship.

So if you’re victim of being cheated on, never had a girlfriend, or too often fall into the friend-zone, this section will give you all the solutions.

Part 3: Reading body language and knowing when a girl likes you

In this section you’ll learn the difference between positive and negative body language and how to effectively apply the right body language to the approach.

Joshua takes you through tons of different pick up scenarios to shows you the correct body language to adopt to every possible situation.

You’ll also get to learn about attraction cues so that you can develop a trained eye to spot when a girls into you.

This is vital stuff because the earlier you can spot a girl likes you, the quicker you can start escalating the seduction and getting sexual

To wrap things up, you’ll get a fully detailed definition of the word that is heavily used in the book – ‘badass’.

the tao of badass review

the tao of badass review


Who can use The Tao of Badass Review

This ebook is for any decent man who wants to learn how to truly draw the attention of women and turn out to be better at dating with the hottest chicks. We all know men and women think differently and as men, we really don’t have any clue what they are thinking.

This guide will help those men who want to attract women and try to learn how women think, so they can communicate with the opposite gender easily.

The Tao of Badass Review is also very helpful for those gentlemen who are already in a relationship, but are certainly not getting what they want out of their woman.

As like Joshua Pellicer’s early life, men who are young try to begin their dating life but get frustrated because of frequent rejection.

This program can help them to fix their problem and enable them to attract beautiful girls.

What is included in The tao of badass review?

The program is a package of an ebook, training videos and various audio tips. You can also find direct coaching from the author, but this option is much costly.

This dating pdf ebook consists of 152 pages and is divided into 10 modules. In the guide, the first 10 pages introduce the course and the last several pages are used for the conclusion.

Between the introduction and conclusion part there are several important modules such as:

1. Introduction

2. The Gender Roles

3. Understanding Confidence

4. The Approach

5. Testing Time For You

6. The Tao System

7. Reading Body Language

8. Creating Love

9. The Big Mistakes Men Make

10. Conclusion


The Pros

The first thing I like about this book is also the main way that it differs from other dating advice books. Where most of these books are random facts and quotes jammed together to create a relatively decent sized manuscript, filling mens heads with ridiculous ideas regarding how to pick up a lady, The content inside the book is all original material straight from the author’s mind. He uses his own experiences to tell men what to do and what not to do when trying to reach out to a woman. Instead of sending men to their deaths in the dating world with a lot of useless information, this book gives real life experience to go on.

I also enjoy the fact that this book not only teaches how to be the bad boy that women love to chase, it also teaches men how to regain their confidence. And for me, having confidence is probably the important thing a guy can have when it comes to his success in life (not just with women). Many other books can fill heads with less than smooth pick-up lines or routines or whatever, but if the confidence isn’t there, even the smoothest approach or line in the world won’t achieve the desired result.

The Cons
The only thing that I didn’t enjoy about this approach is this: these are only one man’s experiences put together into a manual of sorts that is meant to work for men in general. Every person is different, that’s one of the things that will allow two people to click. If every man in the country decided to go about dating in this particular manner, a lot of the unique scenarios that get people together would go by the wayside. With that said, it certainly does expose many of the things that guys are doing wrong and shows them what to do instead, so that makes up for this flaw.

Does this program offer customer support to the members?

The client support section in the members’ area is where expert client support staff are always ready to serve you. Also, the company of this product provides a cell phone number for members to contact them with any issues or concerns. There is also an email support system for members.

How much I need to spend?

The entire guide price starts off at $67.00 with 60 days no questions asked money back guarantee. It will cost much higher with up sells, which means additional cost for more access to other learning resources if you decide to purchase it. I’ve found it go as far as $320. The basic price is going to be $67.00 plus tax, determined by where you from.

My final thought

Joshua Pellicer’s dating guide scores extremely well on teaching seduction tips and technique. In my opinion, it is overall a good course for the money, but the price of this ebook is little high for all those who are serious about acquiring this guide. My overall ranking on this dating guide is 9.5 out of 10 and I am quite sure that the positive points of this dating guide definitely outrank some other negative points.

Overall, I think this guide is a must have for someone who does not know how the dating game works. Now for those who “think” they know how the dating game works, the Tao of Badass Review is also a must have in your arsenal of dating knowledge if you want to really take your dating know-how to the next level.

PS: By the way, your purchase comes with an iron-clad, no questions asked 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. So if within 60 days you are not happy and satisfied with the book, you can ask for a full refund … you get to keep the ebook and all the bonuses that came with it. That’s pretty much like a risk-free trial for you for 2 full months. Go ahead and find out for yourself why this best-selling book has changed the dating lives of thousands of men. Enough with the thinking. It’s time for you to take action and get your badass game on.

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